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Triple Duty Check Valve TOV-12, 22, 25

  • Tov 12 22 25
FIG TOV-12, 22, 25
Applicable Fluid Water, light oil
Inlet pressure TOV-12: Max 1Mpa
TOV-22, 25: Max 2MPa
Operating temperature Max 80°C
End connection TOV-12, TOV-22: Flanged
TOV-25: Grooved Joint
Size (inch, mm) 50A~600A
Place of production Korea

Detail Product


Body, coverTOV-12: Cast iron
TOV-22, 25: Cast Steel
TrimCast Bronze, Stainless Steel
Disc holderSteel
SpringStainless Steel

Technical Description:

- Three functions in one: Non-slam check valve, shut-off valve, and balancing valve   

+ Installation[material and labor] cost saving   

+ Space saving   

+ Reduction in weight 

- Spring loaded disc: Prevents water hammer 

- Valve opening adjustment: Enables the control of pump discharge flow rate

- Position indicator: Easy checking of valve opening

- NBR disc: Guarantees tight shut-off and reduces the impact of closure 

- Stainless steel spring: Resistant to corrosion 

- Built-in by-pass valve: Convenient for drainage 

- Vertical or horizontal installation: Suitable for any site conditions

- Streamlined flow passage: Low head loss

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