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Triple duty check valve (Angle type) TOV-A12, A22, A25

  • Tov A12 A22 A25
FIG TOV-A12, A22, A25
Applicable fluid Water, light oil
Inlet pressure TOV-A12: Max 1MPa
TOV-A22, A25: Max 2MPa
Working temperature Max 80°C
End connection TOV-A12, A22: Flanged
TOV-A25: Grooved joint
Size (inch, mm) 50A~600A
Place of production Korea

Detail Product


Body, coverTOV-A12: Cast iron
TOV-A22, A25: Cast steel
Disc, seatStainless steel, Cast bronze/NBR
SpringStainless steel

Technical Description:

- Three different products in one: Non-slam check, shut-off, and balancing function in one valve

- Reduction of required parts: No reducer or elbow pipe necessary

- Two different sizes for suction side and exit side are available

- Convenient repair: Repair can be performed on site without removing the valve from the line

- Streamlined flow passage and low head loss enhance pump efficiency

- Integration of inner spring decreases water hammer

- Valve opening can be adjusted with manual override to adjust and balance fluid flow inside pipe

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