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Presure reducing valve (Diaphragm) Series 2002

  • Series 2002
FIG Series 2002
Applicable fluid Steam
Inlet pressure Max 1.6MPa, Min 0.05MPa
Min. Operating Pressure 0.02~0.2MPa; 0.2MPa~1.2MPa
Working temperature Max 230°C
End connection Flanged
Size (inch, mm) 15A~150A
Place of production Korea

Detail Product


Body, coverDuctile iron
TrimStainless steel

Technical Description:

- Double layer Phosphor Bronze diaphragm: Precise and stable operation, extended service life

- Increased flow passage: Less head loss, larger capacity

- Stainless steel internals: Resistant to corrosion 

- Built-in Strainer: Prevents malfunction caused by foreign matter

- Packing-less design: Minimizes leakage to atmosphere 

- Large turndown ratio: Secondary PRV is not required

- Integrated pilot (up to 4”): Convenient installation and maintenance

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