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YOSHITAKE - Japanese steam trap and safety valves

Yoshitake is a corporation that manufactures flow control devices for fluids such as water, steam ... in piping systems. Founded in 1937, through nearly a century of development, Yoshitake is now one of Japan's most reputable and prestigious valve brands.

1. Products go from the sophistication of production

Major products supplied by Yoshitake include PRV, solenoid valve, steam trap, pumping trap, safety valve and so on. Yoshitake products focus in the role of ensuring that the steam, water system is running smoothly and always stable.

2. Highlight the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Just like some other industrial enterprises, Yoshitake always strives to be "safe for human consumption, safe for the environment". Many Yoshitake's valves use the force of the spring to operate automatically. Due to this design, the valve does not require external energy, such as electricity, and can operate itself.

They are energy saving products, friendly to the environment. Yoshitake - based on the reasons why and where the valves are used - always offers the best solutions to the needs of the customer, and wants to send to customers the message about energy conservation.

With the same view of production associated with the social values, Hung Phuc is honored to be selected as the official distributor of Yoshitake in Vietnam. We always try to be able to provide the best products with the best solutions for our customers.

3. References

Yoshitake Corp's site: http://www.yoshitake.jp/index.html

Product site: http://www.yoshitake.jp/prod/index.html

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