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Shinwoovalve Cil

SHINWOO - Korean valves

Starting from the production of flow control valves in 1977, over 40 years of development, Shinwoovalve has now become one of the leading providers of efficient flow control solutions in Korea and over the world.

1. Optimize the product range

By combining the functions of the main pipes and valves in the same device, Shinwoo's proven valve products not only save space for production and installation, but also help investors minimize the cost and downtime of machinery.

Shinwoovalve products focus on water, steam and HVAC systems ... and can meet a wide variety of requirements. Shinwoo's valve systems are used and operated on a wide range of works in the world, from residential areas, commercial centers to industrial complexes ...

2. Professional and guaranteed testing system

With the production based on modern testing systems, Shinwoo valve specialists always believe in the quality and meticulousness of producing each product. Some important projects using Shinwoo products are: Honeywell, Samsung ... in Korea, and Lotte Building, Keangnam, Samsung factory in Vietnam.

3. Production goals towards society

Shinwoo's goal is to enhance customers' trust towards the use of high-quality, safe valves instead of poor quality valves that can  endanger human beings. 

That is also the business goal of Hung Phuc. Therefore, Shinwoo Corp has the confidence to choose Hung Phuc as the official distributor for the company in Vietnam. Shinwoo Corp and Hung Phuc IDI always want to be able to help water, gas, HVAC systems in Vietnam's buildings operating effectively and safely.

4. References: http://shinwoovalve.com/

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