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KITZ - Japanese manual valves, control valves

Established in 1951, KITZ Corporation (KITZ Corporation) has become one of the pioneers in the field of industrial valve manufacturing in Japan, and is well-known all around the world.

As of April 2014, the group has 29 subsidiaries. KITZ's subsidiaries are located worldwide, from Japan to Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe ... from manufacturing to sales offices.

1. "Leader" of valve market in Japan

In Japan, KITZ valves are considered to be the dominant products in the industrial valve market, with 27% for copper valves, 90% for cast iron valves, 45% for butterfly valve segments.

2. Popular products, familiar to every factory, works

The main valve products of KITZ include: gate valve, globe valve, dipole valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, Y-strainers. KITZ valve products are used by factories, processing zones ... for their high quality and durability, even in harsh environment.

In Vietnam, the KITZ valve products have also become familiar in many factories and industrial parks. Hung Phuc is honored to become one of the two official distributors of KITZ in Vietnam. We always try to be able to bring the long-term values of KITZ to the production systems in Vietnam.

3. References

Website KITZ Corp: http://www.kitz.co.jp/english/ Catalogue site: http://www.valvekitz.com/ 

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