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SMC - Japanese pneumatic equipment

Founded in 1959, SMC is one of the leading suppliers of pneumatic products in Japan. Up to now, the corporation has 6 large factories in Japan, 28 factories located in other countries, supplying products to many different countries in the world.

1. Durable, good-quality products

The main products of SMC include: air-filter equipment, pressure regulator, water separator ..., connectors: gas connectors, quick connectors ...

SMC products are rated for durability which are comparable to those of other European standards. Some factories have started to change from old pneumatic equipment systems to SMC products and have positive feedback such as: Cocacola Vietnam, Inax Lixil Vietnam ...

2. Green procurement

SMC recognizes that preserving natural values is one of the main production values of any manufacturers. Therefore, SMC always produces based on the following challenges:

  • Reduce the use of harmful elements
  • Save energy 
  • Conserve earthy resources
  • Minimize transport and packaging
  • Disclose information:

From January, 2016, Hung Phuc IDI, JSC has been selected for the official distributor of SMC in Vietnam. Hung Phuc hope that we would help Vietnamese manufacturing companies to access good quality products of SMC, which would help to optimize the productivity of production system.

3. Reference

SMC's webpage: http://www.smcworld.com/en/

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