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  • KITZ - Japanese manual valves, control valves

    KITZ - Japanese manual valves, control valves

    KITZ Corporation (Japan) is a well-known valve-producing manufacturer in the worldwide valve market. The brand currently gain the 3rd rank in the chart of most reliable industrial valves in the world.

  • YOSHITAKE - Japanese steam trap and safety valves

    YOSHITAKE - Japanese steam trap and safety valves

    Yoshitake is a comprehensive manufacturer of the regulating valve that is essential for fluid control,and contributes to energy conservation and high-efficiency by certain product and system construction and adequate information services.

  • ZENSHIN - Japanese Flexible Joints

    ZENSHIN - Japanese Flexible Joints

    Founded in 1970 in Osaka, ZENSHIN is a long-standing Japanese corporation focused on supplying flexible joints, expansion joints, pipe fittings... with many other related products, ranging from industrial use to daily life.

  • SHINWOO - Korean valves

    SHINWOO - Korean valves

    Starting from the production of flow control valves in 1977, over 40 years of development, Shinwoovalve has now become one of the leading providers of efficient flow control solutions in Korea and over the world.

  • SMC - Japanese pneumatic equipment

    SMC - Japanese pneumatic equipment

    Founded in 1959, SMC is one of the leading suppliers of pneumatic products in Japan. Up to now, the corporation has 6 large factories in Japan, 28 factories located in other countries, supplying products to many different countries in the world.

  • IMI TA

    IMI TA

    Rọ bơm Osaka, Tamaki - Chất lượng đến từ Nhật Bản.

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