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"Technical lesson" on steam system products from Yoshitake (Japan)

The training session lasted for 2 days, focusing on technical knowledge about the steam system in the factory, as well as the functions and roles of the necessary equipment, including: steam trap, steam valve PRV pressure, condensate pump (pumping trap), safety valve (safety valve) ... by Yoshitake.

Saito-san is an excellent technical staff member of Yoshitake factory in Thailand. He has "run" a "mini course" but full of technical knowledge as well as products for Hung Phuc employees. Understanding that the steam system in the factory is a system that requires absolute accuracy and safety, Yoshitake has researched in depth and came up with products that are considered to be excellent solutions to all problems. a little bit.

Some typical products include:

- Steam trap (Steam trap): helps "clean" the steam system from condensed water.

- Pressure relief valve for steam (PRV for steam): adjust the pressure to suit the outlet.

- Safety valve (Safety Valve): always ensure the system is operated safely.

- Pumping trap (Pumping trap): reuse condensed water for other systems, save operating costs and do not harm the environment.

- Solenoid valve (Solenoid Valve): valve closed - open operated by electromagnetic.

In addition to training in product and technical expertise, Saito-san also assists Hung Phuc's technical experts in identifying and measuring the errors arising in the steam system, especially those hard-to-notice errors; From there, it helps to quickly provide optimal solutions for factories in trouble.

A case of Hung Phuc's former customer, Tinh Tinh Garment Co., Ltd., after being surveyed and replaced the valves in the steam system to Yoshitake's products, had reduced one boiler, saving 10 % of system cost.

With this intensive training, Hung Phuc employees are confident that they can continue consulting and providing more optimal solutions for their customers.

  Customers who are interested in Yoshitake's products, can find more information about the company as well as Hung Phuc's products offered at:

Hung Phuc Import Export And Development Investment Joint Stock Company.

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