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Recruitment Questions

Recruitment CTV business

1- Job description

- Actively research the market, find customers, promote, sell and sign economic contracts.
- Enjoy commissions based on the sales made.
2- Benefits
- Receive remuneration according to each order (details of benefits will be discussed in the interview)
- Be fostered, trained, instructed on professional skills related to customer access and introduction of products and services of Hung Phuc Company.
- To be provided with documents, documents, necessary databases and other necessary conditions to serve the sales work according to the Company's regulations.
- Be considered for reward according to the agreement prescribed for CTV of the Company.
- Remuneration will be paid by the Company after the contracts related to CTV are completed and will be notified in advance for comparison after deduction of income tax (if any).
- After 3 months, if CTV operates effectively, it will be considered for subsidies: petrol, car, phone, support equipment or official labor contract.
3- Obligations
- Participate in compliance with the operations as prescribed by the Company
- Ensuring accuracy, objectivity, timeliness and efficiency in introducing our customers to the Company.
- Do not be allowed to take any action that affects the reputation, brand of the Company.
- Do not transfer part or all of your rights and obligations to others without the Company's written consent.
- Report progress of the work on Saturday every week to the officers in charge of the company.
4- How to apply
- Access and download the application form here: http://bit.ly/2sTea9P
- Complete and send your CV to the mailbox: [email protected]
- Priority applicants apply soon.
Good luck! See you at Hung Phuc!

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